Drawing Near Publications

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” James 4:8

“Draw me, we will run after thee” Song of Sol 1:4

“The coming of the Lord draws near” James 5:8

Publishing to make a Divine Difference

© 2007 Drawing Near Publications

Drawing Near Publications is a small publishing and printing ministry located in Barbados, West Indies. It is devoted to the spread of sound and godly literature written by authors primarily from the Caribbean region.

The materials such as books, booklets and tracts, are mostly distributed in the Caribbean, but can be made available to anyone expressing an interest.

Our desire is to make these publications available, as economically as possible without sacrificing the quality of the contents or the presentation.

Our first publication was done in 1999 using the Bible House as the publisher, when we printed the book The Church: Is it about to go through the great Tribulation? The books were sold out very quickly and a second edition was later produced. This book was later translated and published in two other languages by other publishers.

Most of our publications are now done in-house.  We covet your continued prayers that God would further the work for His honour and glory and to the blessing both of His people and the lost.

Samuel Rice

Members of the support team include my wife Gloria, G McFarrel Howard, David Rice and his wife Eldeane, Janice Parizeau, Peter Rice and his wife Diana, Gladys Hall and her husband Hadley, Gregory Mayhew and Sylvia Anderson. One of our very valued editors,  Euceline McConney, went to be with the Lord recently. The facilitators of the work published in other languages to date, are Hans Graf and Luke Favarger.